Multibox has long moved beyond the standard framework of understanding design. Offering solutions to customers, we think in terms of space, rather than individual items in it. This approach allows us to develop projects where functionality is dressed in perfect lines and clear shapes, creating unique design space.

1. Organic design

The main idea underlying design solutions of each Multibox production unit is the reasoning in terms of space as whole, rather than individual items in it. This approach allows us arrange space so that all of its elements look as an ensemble, and at the same time they organically complement each other.

2. Design for reliability 

Multibox creates the furniture design, in which all visible and invisible elements are thought out. Every detail combines such characteristics as extreme strength and beauty.

Multibox provides post-warranty maintenance services, but we are likely to meet again in your kitchen for a cup of tea rather than for a repair work.

3. The constant search for new solutions

In order to produce an original and high-quality product, you need to constantly be looking for new solutions. Multibox is one of the companies where the customer does not receive “one size fits all” routine solutions. Regular visits to European trade shows, increasing the range of finishing materials in use and cooperation with the leading foreign companies – all is done in order to offer the customer a unique design project of a kitchen, a bathroom, a cinema or a sliding wardrobe that combine innovative technology and original design solutions.