Deciding on the MULTIBOX Company furniture – is the choice for those who is not contented with little. 

Our corporate philosophy is aimed solely at meeting any customer needs. This is precisely why everyone who contacts us may rest assured that he or she will get:

  • a wide range of finishes and materials;
  • a durable and strong customizable design; 
  • unique design solutions by reference to specific features of space planning;
  • highest quality standards.

There are still many reasons to choose the MULTIBOX furniture, but the main one is that in practice, we provide our customers with the service they mean by the word "the best":

  • the best quality;
  • the best post-warranty maintenance;
  • long service life of our products. 

All MULTIBOX furniture is produced according to GOST: GOST 16371 - 93 (Certificate of Conformity Series SNACP MD 0105 11 A1689-07).

The warranty coverage period and repair service of products is 2 years, but we are always happy to provide our customers with after warranty service- for this you just need to contact us 

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