Facades of PARAPAN materials

PARAPAN - impeccably glossy material ‘reflecting’ your idea...

...of ​​a perfect kitchen. 

Parapan – an unmatched high quality acrylic material. A distinctive feature of parapan is no matter what is the side from which it is viewed, you can always see your reflection as it is perfectly glossy. Absence in the composition of parapan of resins and adhesives allows creating with it a stylish interior design in institutions with high security requirements to used materials, such as kindergartens, schools or hospitals.

Practicality of parapan worth particularly noted. It does not warp, rot and crack in contact with water. Parapan is colored in mass, which means that no color fogging is possible in interaction of the UV radiation. Whatever the style made of your interior is: classic or more modern, due to the ideal gloss, high durability and ease of use, parapan reached the level of ‘favorites’ of the world's leading designers, ready to realize all your ideas in any color palettes. By the way, the palette has 15 colors.   

High glossy parapan can be used for exciting and unique design projects and for conferring to traditional furniture distinctive features and attractive appearance.

In addition to the impressive aesthetic data, parapan is distinguished due to its special durability. Unlike other glossy materials in case of minor damages it will be easy to restore its original appearance, which is another advantage.

Making a choice in favor of parapan for your interior, you literally make a ‘brilliant’ choice, as the material keeps its natural radiance for a long time. It is unlikely that you will be able to find such a texture that so successfully combines first-class appearance and durability. But you will not go wrong if you choose it for your interior. Individuality, refined shapes and unique charm - all in the right proportions combine furniture, which includes parapan.